New projects

17 February 2015

As a result of our decision to partly use the good results we make in our group to help the underprivileged population in Southwest Africa, we can elaborate on buying and collecting goods which are still very useful there.


The purchase and donation of a Landrover Defender Ambulance is a huge success.  From the aid station Epikuro, every three weeks a roundtrip is made along all the villages where the Bushmen live. If they need medical help, this can be given on the spot. The serious cases are transported to the hospital.


The project we are preparing now meets other needs.


First of all we will buy a reefer container which will transport relief supplies to Namibia. After discharge, the container will be connected to a field of solar collectors still to be built. In this way all fruit, vegetables, meat and other perishable products can be stored using solar energy. The growing power need is also taken care of.


This reefer container will carry the following:


  • Two folding houses which will be shown to the government to try and convince them to develop more human accommodation. These houses can be folded out in three minutes and they are then ready for use and are also isolated.
  • A big shipment of household appliances like refrigerators, big ovens, dishwashers, cooling units, food processors, plates, pots, mugs and cutlery.
  • A big shipment of terrace tables and chairs which are better for the back and more uniform.


Apart from this, we will ship several containers with exercise books about the Ebola virus. These books will be shipped to Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Liberia. We are convinced that these books which teach about hygiene and personal care will be of great use in the future to cope with this serious threat.


Because only 20% of the required water supply can be pumped up, in N/a’an ku sê two extra bore holes will be drilled later this year. As soon as the solar collectors are installed, the water pumps can be connected and thus provide for the water demand in an energy-neutral way.