17 March 2014

Wildcat tracking with wildlife volunteers on a 500 ha. soft release enclosure

Namib Carnivore Conservation Centre

The NCCC is a unique carnivore research and education project based in Southern Namibia and formed from a partnership between the N/a’an ku se Foundation and Solitaire Guest Farm Desert Ranch.  Solitaire Guest Farm opened its doors in 2004 and is owned by Walter and Simone Swartz. The Swartzs’ both have a passion for wildlife and in June 2011offered the use of their land for the NCCC after becoming good friends with N/a’an ku se directors, Rudie and Marlice. The NCCC forms part of N/a’an Ku se’s ongoing Carnivore Conservation Research Project that started in 2008.  The aim of this project is to solve human-wildlife conflicts in Namibia through sound scientific research on densities, home ranges and territories of Cheetahs, Leopards and Hyena.


The main aim of the NCCC is to rehabilitate and release carnivores such as cheetah and leopard back to the wild. To fulfill this aim the NCCC is home to a 500ha soft-release enclosure to hold cheetahs that need to undergo an environmental adjustment period prior to release. The enclosure also serves as a sanctuary for cheetahs that cannot be released. In addition the NCCC offers tourists the chance to get up close to the cats by providing a unique educational cheetah tracking safari.